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Rich Hudson has been a professional communicator for 45 years.

 An Executive Coach, speaker, and author, he has coached CEOs and Managing Directors from multinational companies in 14 countries on 4 continents, showing them how to build powerful beliefs for business and personal success. 

Rich developed a comprehensive one-on-one communications course called Language for Leadership™. He currently delivers that to selected clients and his online version of that training has just launched.

A few years ago, Rich began to think about how his work on language and beliefs applies to parenting. He now shows parents how to develop powerful beliefs and pass them on to their children. 

He has written several bestselling Kindle books including Teach Kids Character at Christmas and Teach Kids Character in an Election Year.

He has just finished another in the series, Teach Your Kids Character with the Movies. It is an introduction to The Movie-Savvy Parent online program

Rich is finishing a book entitled, The Ultimate Legacy™ – Build Powerful Beliefs to Set Your Child Up for Life. He has a website for parents -- ParentingBeliefs.com. and speaks at churches and parent groups.



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